Amoritia Strogen-Hewett receives Association Certification

Amoritia Strogen-Hewett receives Association Certification

Huntington, WV – August 13, 2015 –Amoritia Strogen-Hewett receives Association Certification

JulNet Solutions is pleased to announce that Amoritia Strogen-Hewett has recently completed the FSAE’s Qualified Association Specialist (QAS) Program.

About QAS

The Qualified Association Specialist (QAS) Certificate Program is an affordable educational program for professionals in the association industry. This online training program provides a broad base view of the principles in association management. The QAS Certificate Program helps all staff connect how various association functions/departments work together.

The program gathers seasoned experts from around the country to present a comprehensive overview of the many facets of working in or with an association – from the legal and financial “business model” of associations’ unique governance/volunteer structure, to understanding the key principles of membership, communications, events, social media/communities, non-dues revenue programs, public policy and data management.

“We are very pleased that Amoritia has successfully completed this program as we know it will allow her to provide better support services to our association clients”, said Julie Hewett, CEO, JulNet Solutions.

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